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Every year, a company’s legal responsibilities increase exponentially. Because of this, many entrepreneurs find it difficult to follow all the legal needs required by the state, and end up having losses.

To help manage the legal part of a company, it is ideal to hire the service of a corporate lawyer. This professional has in-depth and specialized knowledge to determine what needs to be done to regularize the company’s activity.

If you are interested in this type of service, but still don’t know everything that a corporate lawyer can offer for a business, follow this text. In this article we will mainly discuss the following topics:

What is a corporate lawyer?

Within business law there are several specializations, including corporate law. The professional who works in this area works internally in the company and evaluates intrinsic legal issues of that business

This professional works together with the general team with multidisciplinary knowledge, aimed at the best development of the business in the market. For the relationship between the corporate lawyer and the firm to be successful, a high level of trust and expertise is required.

The work of this professional, despite being a little time consuming at the beginning, intends to bring lasting benefits to the company. This means that he specializes in the area in which the business works and uses his knowledge of the law to adjust the work of the cooperative and the employees. The main objective of the corporate lawyer is to streamline the company’s dynamics and solve problems related to the bureaucratic part of the business.

What does a corporate lawyer do?

In addition to evaluating the company’s legal documentation, the corporate lawyer participates in decision-making in order to avoid future problems. This professional can act throughout the activity of a company, based on 3 main measures:

  • Problem prevention;
  • Maintenance of operation and profitability;
  • Crisis resolution.

Anyone who believes that the work of a corporate lawyer is not important can be terribly wrong, since, apparently, their work can be performed by other professionals. However, only the corporate lawyer can combine business knowledge with legal knowledge to help business employees. In this way, it is possible to observe that the corporate lawyer is an essential part in the functioning of a successful business.

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What attitudes can a corporate lawyer take within a company?

In fact, thinking about the corporate lawyer’s work in a comprehensive way can be confusing, since he can perform several functions within a single company. Although there are several ways to act as a corporate lawyer, the following are the main roles occupied by these professionals:

Corporate law

Many entrepreneurs, when opening a business, end up focusing only on the positive side, on the dream of building a successful company. However, they end up forgetting that to reach the apex it is necessary to overcome some obstacles and strengthen the company.

One of the most common obstacles among large entrepreneurs is the relationship between partners. Certainly, all people involved in a company want its growth, but they do not always show this feeling in the same way. This situation can create major communication problems among employees, who cannot agree on the future of the business. Several times, two people have the same opinion about a business decision, but they are unable to convey this to the other.

This is where the corporate lawyer comes in. This professional does not avoid disagreements, but he creates a legally safe environment for the partners to work. One of the main functions of this profession is to ensure that the contracts between the partners remain beneficial for all parties throughout the company’s activity.

The existence of a corporate lawyer who is responsible for society makes the dynamics between the parties lighter. Therefore, the work environment improves, which allows business to grow in the market.


Running a business involves much more than just signing documents and balancing accounts. Currently, the market is extremely demanding, which makes business owners feel the need to look for ways to adapt.

Governance is a tool used by corporate lawyers to align their operations with the necessary legal needs. So, when a corporate lawyer starts working for a company, the first step he takes is to assess the company’s weaknesses in terms of jurisdiction.

From this assessment, it is possible to create specific tools to solve the problems found in order to make the business transparent. This transparency is extremely important for the company’s growth. This is because the market and customers expect to find more ethical conduct on the part of the company before joining them.

Due diligence hearing

Another tool widely used by corporate lawyers is the due diligence audit. Do you know what the meaning of this term is?

The due diligence hearing refers to a way for the company to assess risks involved in transactions and investments in the financial area. As the corporate lawyer works together with other areas of the company, it is common for him to be part of the finance team.

Among the items evaluated by this professional are predictions about:

  • Environmental events;
  • Serious political changes;
  • Transformations in society;
  • Replacement of the company’s management board;
  • Stock market risks;
  • Legal obstacles.

All these points are taken into consideration before buying or selling any part of the company and are important to anticipate possible risks. The lawyer’s role in this dynamic is to ensure that the movement is carried out in a strategic way so as not to place the company in a position of illegality.

Main Due Diligence Steps

To use the Due Diligence tool effectively, it is necessary, first of all, to have the help of an experienced professional. Once you’ve hired the corporate attorney, it’s time to put some steps into practice. See what they are below:

  • Motivation: gathering company documents and assessing the situation;
  • Result: this step refers to the solutions found by the professionals to improve the functioning and proceed with the planning.

Not all corporate lawyers are responsible for putting the solutions offered into practice. For this to happen, it is necessary for this professional to have contact with other areas such as human resources. In this way, he can develop dynamic practices to obtain the desired result

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How does the corporate lawyer work with the capital market?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify what the capital market is.

If you have no contact with the financial sector, check out this simplified explanation of the capital market:

This is a system that encompasses the purchase and sale of assets through authorized financial institutions such as stock exchanges and brokerage firms. It is quite common for large companies to participate in this market, even if their sales focus is not related to financial investments.

The objective of the corporate lawyer in the activity of a company in the capital market is to make legal analyzes of negotiations before the purchase and sale of shares. In addition, this professional helps the entrepreneur with investment suggestions, since he has experience in the area.

With the help of a good professional, the company is able to focus on projects that are beneficial and safe for the company with high profitability.

What is business advice and how does the lawyer work with this topic?

Business advice is a service that focuses on solving problems diagnosed in a company. This is a constant work, focused on  not only in pointing out the obstacles, but also suggesting possible solutions to them.

This service is very important for those who have headquarters of companies in other countries, because some problems need the vision of a professional located in the country. An example of this is the international law part of a headquarters. This area of the company usually deals with:

  • Foreign investments;
  • Nationalization of parts and products;
  • Risks of the host country.

To ascertain how these topics work, the lawyer makes a detailed reading of the company to ensure that it succeeds.

Is the assistance of a corporate lawyer required to carry out business mergers or acquisitions?

Business mergers and acquisitions processes can be quite complex when there is a lack of organization on the part of interested companies. This is usually done with the help of a lawyer who just reviews the legal documentation to get the process done.

However, investing in a corporate lawyer can bring even more benefits to the business. As this professional has in-depth knowledge about the company for whom he works, it is important to rely on his suggestions during mergers and acquisitions.

In the business world, it is common to have proposals that sound too good to be true, and they often are!

To avoid problems such as fraud, the lawyer studies all aspects surrounding merger and acquisition proposals. This professional focuses especially on the following areas;

  • History of the company that made the proposal;
  • How does the market show itself in the face of this proposal?
  • The company’s financial area prepared for this investment?
  • What are the company’s goals with this process?
  • What are the main risks that the company runs with this process?

From this, the company can decide what type of investment it will make:

  • Horizontal merger: union of companies in the same sector;
  • Vertical merger: union of complementary non-competing companies;
  • Conglomerate merger: union of companies with no market relationship;
  • Merger by market extension: union of companies with similar solutions for different markets;
  • Merger by product extension: joining competing companies.

Each of these mergers has a different purpose, and the corporate attorney will assess which option is best for each case.

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Can a corporate lawyer intercede in court for a company?

Yes! The corporate lawyer does not only work by evaluating the company’s bureaucratic issues. As this professional knows deep details of the business, it is common for this same person to legally represent the company.

This representation includes not only intervening in the interests of the company in the face of any possible judgment. This person is also responsible for being the voice of the company when there is a conflict of interest in contracts and negotiations.

Certainly, the corporate lawyer will not work alone in this task, he must always have the support of other areas of the company to represent him. An example of this is the union of the lawyer with three areas:

  • Financial;
  • Logistics;
  • Management.

These three areas work together and study the interests of the company in order to represent the company in court. The main role of the lawyer in this union is to gather the necessary documentation and explain the legal procedures that the company will face.

Does the corporate lawyer necessarily need to delve into other areas of knowledge?

The truth is that globalization has created a dynamic of knowledge that is totally different from what was known in the past. Currently, to stand out in the market, it is necessary to have knowledge of the most diverse areas. That’s because comprehensive knowledge stimulates creativity during times of crisis and conflict resolutions.

Therefore, just legal knowledge is not always enough to prepare a good corporate lawyer.

A legal professional who follows the corporate field can specialize in two ways: choose a specific market or have several minor specializations. Both are advised and bring business benefits.

By specializing in just one branch, the lawyer is able to gather in-depth knowledge about the area in which he will work. This is advantageous for those who work with more than one company for long periods, as there is no need to start from scratch with each new project.

On the other hand, those who decide to specialize in different areas usually carry out small occasional interventions in companies, such as legal advice and consultancy. With comprehensive knowledge, these lawyers have a totally different look at legal dynamics and stand out in the market.

Regardless of the corporate lawyer’s mode of action, it is a fact that there is a demand for both types of business law professionals.

When should a company seek the help of a corporate lawyer?

A corporate lawyer does not only act in times of crisis or to resolve bureaucratic issues.

The truth is that the corporate lawyer can be part of a company’s staff even before it is activated.

When designing a business, much more than a dream is needed. It is necessary to decide what the focus of the company will be, where it will be located, etc. Issues like these need to go through legal procedures to be regularized and allow the company to enter the market efficiently.

Therefore, the help of a corporate lawyer is essential. This professional will know what documents need to be signed and what fees must be paid before the company even starts. With this service, you guarantee the success of your company from the first moments of its existence.

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